Bringing the Condors Home

The story of rescuing the California Condor from the brink of extinction. Produced in coordination with Terra Focus, Ventana Wilderness Society, Aplin Uno Creative, and Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

Information and displays in 11 glass cases plus created exhibits on the floor including a walk-in sized 360˚ panorama complete with it’s own lighting and sound.

Many of the photographs seen in this exhibit have also appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, California Tour, and Kijk (A Dutch publication).

Condor Exhibit Photos02-1500Wide.png

The Broader View: An Exhibit of 360º Panoramic Photography

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History hosted this 2000 square foot exhibit of 31 panoramic photographs. The framed prints ranged in size from 32” to 8’.

Panorama Exhibit02-1500Wide.png